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Vertical Autoclave:

1. Double Walled, Outer M. Steel/S. Steel, Inner Chamber of S. Steel.
2. Lid made of S. Steel Fitted with Radial Locking Device, Pedal Lifting Device, Pressure gauge, Steam release valve, Water Level Indicator.
3. Fitted with Automatic Pressure control switch.
4. Provided with SS Basket.
5. Electrically operated suitable to work on 220V/ AC.

High Pressure Vertical Sterilizer KI-174(a)
1. Triple Walled, Inner Chamber, Outer chamber & Jacket made of S. Steel.
2. Lid also made of thick SS plate.
3. Fitted with Moisture Trap and vacuum breaker.
4. Suitable for Dry sterilization.
5. Other Specification same as Model No. K I171


Rectangular Autoclave:

Our company offers rectangular autoclaves, which are fabricated with high quality raw material and latest technology. Due to our latest infrastructural facilities, we have been able to develop these products with cutting edge technology.

Rectangular High Pressure Horizontal Sterilizer KI 174 (C)

Triple walled, Outer body, Inner Chamber and jacket made of SS 304/316 sheet . The unit is mounted on a sturdy tubular stand. Lid is made of thick SS plate provided with radial locking system, gaskets of Neoprene rubber and fitted with SELF LOCKING SAFETY LOCK. Sterilizer is hydraulically tested upto 40 PSI & Working pressure is adjustable from 10 PSI to 20 PSI ± 1 PSI at any selected point with Automatic Pressure Switch. Sterilizer is fitted with Steam release valve, spring loaded safety valve, pressure gauge, Low water level cut off device, Automatic vacuum breaker, Dial/Digital thermometer and MULTIPORT VALVE for easy operation of the sterilizer.

Steam is generated in a separate boiler made of SS placed at the bottom of the autoclave fitted with easily replaceable heating elements, water level indicator, drain cock, cord & plug suitable to operate on single phase 440 Volts, 50 cycle AC supply.

Available in following Chamber sizes:-
1. 450 x 450 x 900 mm
2. 450 x 600 x 900 mm
3. 600 x 600 x 900 mm

What is an Autoclave?

An autoclave is a pressure chamber used to sterilize equipment and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at 121 °C for around 15–20 minutes depending on the size of the load and the contents. It was invented by Charles Chamberland in 1879

Other types of autoclave are used in the chemical industry to cure coatings, vulcanize rubber and for hydrothermal synthesis, growing crystals under high temperatures and pressures. Synthetic quartz crystals used in the electronic industry are grown in autoclaves.





















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