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Welcome to the website of the Khera Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Here we provide you with a comprehensive description of our services and product range.

Quality and dependability for the future. Since 1967, more that few decades service in the industry, the company focuses in providing prime quality products and services to customers. Khera has been universally recognized as the leader in providing laboratory professionals with reliable products for the most demanding environments. In every product of our's you'll find brilliant but practical design, keen attention to detail in every phase of the fabrication and assembly process, thoroughly tested, outstanding value, and dependable service.

Khera manufactures and provides Biological Safety Cabinets, CO2 Water-Jacketed and Direct Heat Incubators, Laminar Air Flow Equipment, Custom Biological Enclosures, Ultra Low Temperature Freezers, Centrifuges, Small Research Animal Handling Equipment, Pharmacy Barrier Isolators, Polypropylene Fume Hoods and Casework, and variety of complementary products and systems to serve the needs of the world's laboratory community.

As of today, over 1,000 laboratory development projects have been completed, with customers from Universities/institutions, hospitals and government laboratories, public utilities and departments, pharmaceutical, electronic, textile, toys and food companies.

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