Humidity Cabinet Manufacturers

Humidity And Temperature Control Cabinet :

We are manufacturing a wide assortment of humidity and temperature control cabinet in two different models i.e. KI 220 and KI 221. These chambers have been appreciated for their robust construction and durability among our clients.

Humidity :
1. In the model the KI 220 the humidity is controlled by significant humidistat
2. It has a range between 0% to 100%
3. The humidity inside the chamber can be obtained from Atmospheric Humidity to 95% ± 3%

Temperature :
1. In the chamber the temperature is controlled by a Thermostat from 5 Deg. C above ambient to 60 Deg. C±1 Deg.
2. Further, C Uniformity in temperature and humidity throughout the chamber can be attained by the Forced Air Circulation generated inside the chamber.

Specifications :

1. Double walled chamber
2. Inner walls are made of anodized aluminum/ S. Steel
3. Outer walls are made with M.S. sheet finished in stoved enamel paint
4. 75 mm gap between outer & inner chamber, which is filled with thermocol of Glass wool
5. The door is double walled with a gasket which seals the inner chamber against atmospheric infiltration
6. A glass window is also provided at the door which allows inspection of the samples without disturbing temperature of the inner chamber

Technical Data : 

Model No.  Size    Volume    No. of Shelves
455X455X720 mm
605X605X905 mm 
155 Lt. 
245 Lt.  

We can also provide following optional accessories on the requirements of the clients :

1. Digital temp, Indicator cum-controller
2. Digital Humidity Indicator cum-controller
3. Timer


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