Lab Deep Freezers


Low Temp. De-freezers are used in Laboratories, R & D centers and biological as well as biotechnology applications. Low Temperature chest type de-freezers are having CFC free refrigeration system with hermetically sealed “Emerson ” make compressor and efficient refrigeration system along with the condenser.

Construction: Outer body is made of MS duly powder coated and inner chamber is made of SS/GI sheets and is insulated with high efficiency PUFF insulation to minimize the heat loss.

Temp. Range: -20/30°C/-40°C/-50°C/-80°C

The Temp. Is controlled with Microprocessor based PID Digital temp. Indicator cum controller with an accuracy of ± 2°C and also equipped with Audio/Visual alarm in case of rise in temperature.

Capacities Available:

  • 56 Lt. (2.0 cu.ft.)
  • 126 Lt. (4.5 cu.ft.)
  • 154 Lt. (5.5 cu.ft.)
  • 210 Lt. (7.5 cu.ft.)
  • 280 Lt. (10 cu.ft.)
  • 336 Lt. (12 cu.ft.)
  • 420 Lt. (15 cu.ft.)
  • Lab Deep Freezers

    Keep quick access, often used every day items such as flash frozen veggies and ice cream in the regular freezer and meats and prepared food in the deep freeze. The deep freeze is definitely for longer term storage.

    Lab Deep Freezer features are as follows:

    • Double Walled, Outer M. Steel/S. Steel, Inner Chamber of S. Steel.
    • Lid made of S. Steel Fitted with Radial Locking Device, Pedal Lifting Device, Pressure gauge, Steam release valve, Water Level Indicator.
    • Fitted with Automatic Pressure control switch.
    • Provided with SS Basket.
    • Electrically operated suitable to work on 220V/ AC.

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