Rotary Shakers

Rotary Shaker:

Rotary shakers are used in Research Institutions, workshops, chemical & agricultural laboratories for shaking solutions in conical flasks. This shaker has combined rotary agitation. Shaker is made of thick angle iron frame covered on all sides with heavy gauge M.S. Sheet duly enameled which houses a motor coupled by means of V-belt with pulley.

Heavy platform fitted with adjustable neoprene rubber discs is provided to hold different capacity of conical flasks. Platform is mounted a ball bearing crankshaft to give an orbital motion to the flask with eccentricity of approx. 2”.

A speed controller is fitted which controls the shaking speed. Shakers are having variable speed having range from 20-240 RPM.

Drive motor is of standard make suitable to work on single phase 220 V, 50 cycles AC.

  • Digital RPM Indicator

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